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Survey Club

SurveyClub is amazing because is doubles as both a site where you can take surveys to earn cash, as well as promotes other high quality survey panels you can join! So you get the best of both worlds with SurveyClub.

Industry Presence

SurveyClub is one of oldest online market research companies. They started up back in 2003 and really got going in 2005. They have a whopping 16 million members who have joined since 2003. What's really cool about SurveyClub though, is they are backed by two major market research companies so there are tons of great surveys for you to take every day. The surveys you are likely to qualify for will be listed online for you to browse. But they also will email you any survey you are likely to qualify for. So check your email for the best opportunities!

One pro tip: Take the surveys you get in your email right away. A lot of their projects are only available for 24 hours or less so if you are too slow to click, then you might miss out on the really good ones.

Member Experience

After signing up with name, birthdate, gender, etc there's a second page of more demographic information to fill out. This will take about 30 seconds and includes items like your educational level, employment status, marriage status, children's ages, etc. There's also a yes/no for a long list of health ailments. SurveyClub gets a LOT of clinical trials and some of them pay $200 - $900 or more. But only people with the right ailments can participate in the clinical study. So if you have any of the health conditions listed, be sure to say so since that's where you can really earn big!

SurveyClub does send a lot of email. You might get a few emails a day with surveys you can take. But trust me, you WANT those emails! That's how you make the most money.

Earning Opportunities
As mentioned above, the best earning opportunities are the medical research where payouts can get to $900. There's a low back pain, arthritis, and migraine study available at the time I am writing this description. Those pay hundreds of dollars. SurveyClub will also send you job-related surveys. So if you are an I.T. Decision Maker, this is the place for you. Finally, you will also get a ton of surveys that pay between .50 and $10.00 in your email.

Many of the survey projects are also posted on the SurveyClub website based on your demographics so you're likely to qualify for any survey you see on their site while you are logged in.

Finally, SurveyClub pays out a 10 cent bonus reward for every survey you attempt, but do not qualify for. So if you're sick of other survey panels that don't pay you a dime for starting a survey that you can't finish because you don't meet the criteria then join SurveyClub. They give a dime! And those dimes add up quickly toward your $20 cashout.

Rewards Program

Once you accumulate $20 in rewards you can cash them in for an Amazon Giftcard, a check in the mail, or a PayPal payment. Almost everyone chooses Paypal but the choice is yours! JOIN NOW!

Survey Club Reviews

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"Not a bad way to earn a few bucks"
by Viola R from US
SurveyClub stands out from the other bunch of survey websites because of it's experience in the industry. It was started around 2005, therefore it's definitely trustworthy. I've been using it for the past few weeks and earned a few bucks. You can get paid for participating in research studies and taking surveys. Just like other survey websites, you would need a few referrals to make a living out of SurveyClub.

"Easy way to earn money"
by Ahmed from US
Survey Club is very useful to earn easy money however it still a little bit hard to get quick cashout because this is not a website to earn a large interval and you should make a lot of surveys everyday so that you can get really good benefits .

I recommend this site for peaple who, like me, want to have a second job instead of my main job because it's a pretty much easy way to earn some dollars by just turning ON your computer and completing about 2 to 3 surveys per day because Survey Club is the most trusted survey website I have ever visited.

"Easy Money But Low Potential Earning"
by shawn from US
Survey Club is one of the most trusted survey sites out in the market today but I only cashed out once from this site, which took me about 3 weeks. It's just hard to qualify for the surveys, I would only get 1-2 surveys everyday so that explains why it took me awhile to reach the payout.

I wouldn't recommend this site to those who want to make the big bucks online as there are more high earning ways to make money online. But if you are looking for those easy task sites that give back incentives then I would recommend this site.

"Just an okay way to make money"
by Nathan from US
When I first started searching for ways to make money online some of the first websites I came across were survey sites to get paid and GPT offers. The high claims attracted me, saying I could make hundreds or thousands a month just doing a couple surveys. It sounded too good to be true and I found out that was the case. Survey club did not live up to expectations at all, having few surveys that I could actually complete and the reward did not seem worth it at all.

"Tested and Approved"
by Dax from US
When I was looking around the internet and trying to find a way to make money off of filling out surveys online, I fell upon survey club not too long ago. Overall, I feel that the site makes a "job", fun. Their surveys pay very well compared to other sites and they are very helpful with our problems.

"It's not a scam"
by Michael from US
As we know, there are many sites that offer money for filling out surveys. Not every one is legit, not all pay, not every one even works fine. This one is ok for me. I found a few issues but it's normal for this type of site. I'm very surprised that they offer so many surveys. In addition they are fit them very well to your profile information so I can recommend Survey Club.

"Pretty goood"
by Tory from US
This is great site to earn money with surveys. I tried other sites and they didn't work much because I didn't qualify for the surveys. I like this survey site because you are able to fill out your profile and get surveys that actually fit you. With this ability I won't have to waste my time filling out part of the survey then not being able to finish it. This site actually pays and is worth your time. This survey club works and works well. This is an easy way to get money, just answering simple questions.

"Survey club is king of survey sites"
by loganathan from US
I do lot of survey companys but some do not pay, so my time, electricity and everything is wasted. Now I found survey club and I working now, it is giving me regular payment and is a true company, it has a lot of world wide members and is an old company. Also it is free for registration so every one can do surveys and earn money.

"Fairly good"
by laila from US
I came across survey club and decided to join and become a member because I found it a fairly good way to make some money. The fact that you receive surveys based on your profile information makes it easy to qualify for surveys and get paid. The pay out is a fair one, because I was able to receive surveys that I could qualify for. I did lose on a few surveys, that is I didn't qualify but I was happy that I got a few cents for my attempt. The club is good!.

"It is legit"
by Iris from US
I am currently the member of over 10 "get reward points to take survey sites". I have recently cashed in my reward points to this site and 3 others. While this site is not one of the ones I earn reward points the fastest on, it is the ONLY one that gave me my reward instantly. I am actually still waiting on the other 3 websites to deliver. I have not qualified for over half of the surveys this site sent me but even if I don't qualify they still pay 10 cents for each one I attempt. The rewards are not huge but they are real. I have earned a $10 e-certificate to Amazon in 3 weeks. So basically my advice to you guys, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This club does not promise huge pay outs but they do deliver small rewards for short surveys. It's not a get rich quick scam. It's earn a few extra dollars in your spare time.

"Think twice before joining"
by Maria from US
I joined survey club thinking that it wouldn't be a scam like other sites, plus it was a good thing that this site didn't ask for any amount to get membership.

After becoming a member I was a bit relaxed when I saw that this site has provided links of authentic survey companies, so I joined a few of them which were opened for the users around the world. But like other companies, they sent a very few surveys like hardly one, two in 5 or 6 months, which were of no use, as mostly I had the opportunity to get screened out of them due to dissimilarity between their demands and my criteria. Further, members of their sites who live in those countries where pay-pal is not supported have no use to either join these sites or complete surveys if they wondrously find some matching their experience.

"A pretty decent survey site"
by Dylan from US
Survey club is one of the few legitimate survey sites. But granted that you don't get paid very much money. You first create you account and set up your current work status, you status on video gaming etc. Then it offers you a few surveys. These surveys are quite quick and you'll usually get 50 cents each one, the check out amount is 5 dollars. It takes quite a while to get surveys though. I wouldn't recommend this site to under 18's as it is hard enough to get surveys with full information on employment, I can only imagine how long it will take for a teen.

"If you like to do surveys"
by ffoenix from US
I joined Survey Club not to long ago. I enjoy doing surveys, and LOVE getting paid for them. Granted, it's never much money through any of these sites, but every little bit helps, you know what I mean? Anyway, I was looking for, shall I say "the hook-up" to new survey sites that I was previously unaware of. Sadly, this was not the case. My inbox had been flooded with useless garbage, and the only survey sites I have found there that are legitimate are the ones I am already signed on with. They do have a paid "upgrade" so to speak, but I amof the philosophy of "show me the money" before I hand them any of mine.

"It's an "OK" survey site"
by April from US
I have joined many survey sites, and this one is alright. I don't think it's anything spectacular, but it's not the worst. The website is pretty flashy, and they prompt you to join other survey sites as well. That can clutter up your inbox with spam, which is annoying. I haven't yet been paid by them, but I'm not going to give up. I will continue to take their surveys until I can cash out. However, I will also continue to use other survey sites I know I will be paid by.

"Excellent survey site"
by Stacey from US
I rarely join survey sites but when I heard about survey club from my friends and that they were actually getting paid by them I decided to give it a try. I have to say this is one of the best survey sites that I have joined in that I actually qualify for the surveys. I do not like survey sites because I rarely ever qualify for the surveys, but it is different with survey club. I have made money through their site and it was very easy to earn my income through them. It is a lot better and quicker than most ptcs out there.

"Extra income!"
by Vampire from US
I'm not really into money-making with survey sites, but I easily earned a few bucks with this one. And it only took me a couple of days! I think it's one of the best choices if you prefer completing surveys for online money. It's always better to begin with a bit of money to invest, but this site also offers a quite lot of FREE surveys! Also, they pay 1$ for each person referred by you. I recommend this site (over all the others) for anyone who wants to make money this way. Mainly if you live in one of the tier1 countries. It's easy and a lot better than PTCs for example.

"Its alright for some extra money"
by Jelmer from US
Well I was pretty excited when I singed up here. The site looks great and already has a good community. I did not expect to make big bucks, which I didn't, but it did make me some extra cash, not much though. I did not want to invest in any surveys, that's why I didn't make much out of this site. Instead of making some investments, I went the free way. And I started doing a few surveys which made me 10 cents per survey. After 30 minutes of doing multiple surveys I made $2.80. So if you do this for 1 week 30 minutes a day you will make $19.60. And monthly $84,93.

Overall I would say it's alright for some extra money, it's easy to do and it will not take too much time a day.

"If you want to make a few extra bucks"
by hp from US
If you want to gain a few extra bucks, then I suggest going towards GPT(Get Paid To... ) sites. Only spending a few hours a day for a week can earn you an easy 50 extra dollars, and survey club is a great website to join in order to accomplish it.

As soon as you sign up, you are opted to take part in other affiliate survey companies, based upon your demographic. I signed up for every one of them, my favorite being ""send earnings"". Once you complete that step, you are able to navigate the Survey Club site, which will allow you to take part in several surveys which criteria meet your demographic.

These surveys, in most cases, need a slight investment in order to profit. Being an internet marketer, I will occasionally do this, because without doing so, you will not gain a large profit. (You need money to make money, right?)

However, if you do wish to go the COMPLETELY free route, this site also offers a "freebies" section, so that you can sign up on their affiliate sites, in order to complete free surveys, questionnaires, and offers and gain a slight profit. (10 cents - a few dollars for every one)

Overall this isn't for someone looking for a full-time internet job, but it would be great for a high school student or a college student looking to make a few extra bucks.

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