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Product Report Card

Product Report Card is a site that allows you to sign up to receive paid survey invitations via email. It takes less than five minutes to sign up, and it’s 100% free.

Member Experience

New members will receive their first survey within 24 hours of signing up. As a member, you can start earning money with Product Report Card right away by filling out different profiles. These profiles help the company know which surveys members are more likely to qualify for so it is suggested that you complete as many as possible. Profiles can be completed at your leisure. Product Report Card does not require they be completed within a certain amount of time.

Earning Opportunities

Members get paid for each survey they complete, so the more surveys taken, the more money earned. Members can also earn money by completing all their profiles. The money earned from setting up profiles ranges from about $0.25 to $5.00. Individuals who complete all their profiles have the opportunity to earn more rewards because they qualify to become product reviewers. This means they are able to earn money for reviewing products they already own and use. Payout is typically around $0.50 for this. The review process is very simple and take an average of 6 minutes to complete one review. With Product Report card members can also make money by saving money. The website allows people to research almost any product and find out almost everything about that product, including where it can purchase and how much it costs.

Rewards Program

Members can choose to be paid in cash, with free products, or in gift codes to redeem for products. Product Report Card requires a minimum rewards balance of $25 before being able to cash out to redeem for gifts and products.

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"Awesome sure!"
October 1, 2016 by Scott from US

"Nice surveys and pay!"
October 1, 2016 by Andrew from US
Rewards I've received for competing easy surveys have added up fast.

September 28, 2016 by Busra from TR
I've earned lots of money from this site.Thank you product report card

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