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My Survey

Industry Presence pays members of its online community to participate in a wide variety of consumer research studies that they conduct on behalf of various companies. is currently run by the CASRO-affiliated and BBB-accredited company Lightspeed Research, which is part of Kantar, the information, insight, and consultancy division of the leading communications services group WPP. Reputable and well established, Kantar is among the top 25 research companies in the world, and Lightspeed Research has been conducting consumer research in the US since 1946 under the names National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS. It now has operations in at least 38 different countries around the world and is the world's largest provider of custom research and analysis. itself was launched in 2001 as a way for consumers to participate in online market research, and it has since become one of the largest online survey panel companies in the US.

Member Experience

It is free and easy to become a member of's panel and to start getting paid for your opinions on the products and services you care about. In order to be eligible to participate, you must be a legal US resident who is over 16 years of age. Membership is limited to one per household, and, please note that if you are under 18 and wish to earn reward points, requires proof of parental consent. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to complete the basic registration process and verify your email address. When registering, will ask for your contact information and background information related to your gender, age, race, marital status, education level, employment status, household size and combined yearly income.

Once you have confirmed your email address, you are automatically entered into their $4,000 quarterly sweepstakes drawing and will start to receive email notifications pertaining to available surveys. To help you better understand how to participate in, there is also a short video tutorial available on the members' home page that plays the first time you log on to your account. There is no minimum time commitment required to be a part of, and you can participate as much or as little as your schedule will allow.

Rewards Program

Members are compensated (usually immediately) for their participation in various research studies with rewards points and/or entries into daily, monthly and/or quarterly sweepstakes. While says that $10 equals 1000 points, it is actually more like 1100 points when you try to redeem on (the third-party company managing the incentive program). Points are redeemable for cash and will never expire so long as you are an active member. Please note however that reserves the right to terminate your membership if you haven’t accessed the website within a three-month period. JOIN NOW!

My Survey Reviews

"Industry Longevity "
November 22, 2016 by Tanika from US
This company has been in the survey business for decades and has lived to tell about it. You can only do that, if you pay

"Earn points--get things!"
November 17, 2016 by Lori from US
I just love MySurvey! Their surveys are easy to get through and they give you many chances to earn points. You can redeem point for gift cards, etc. My favorite gift card to earn is a Kohl's gift card!

"Wow - mysurvey is great"
September 22, 2016 by hi from US
MySurvey had an amazing survey about travel and I got $5.00 for a few minutes. I'm not rich yet, but $5 for a few minutes is a good start!

"Great site"
by Heather from US
I have been a member of MySurvey for about two years now. This is one of the best survey sites I have joined. They send me surveys regularly and I've been paid a couple of times. Their surveys are usually about household products and sure they are good at targeting things to you, unlike other sites where it seems I take a prep survey before the actual survey... but with MySurvey it's not like that. They are a really good survey site and have been around for a while now and are well trusted. They are definitely worth checking out.

"Good site, but not enough surveys"
by Kyra from US
I keep hearing people rave about how good this site is, and I keep wondering if we're using the same site. It's good as survey sites go, but I get survey opportunities from them so seldom I have no idea whether they pay promptly or anything, since I haven't even had a chance to get to the point where I could cash out. I'm not talking about not qualifying here; there just never seems to be any surveys available. Those that do occasionally get e-mailed to me tend to be bizarrely specific, requesting ""52-year-old males"" as the demographic or something, and I don't really know what to make of it.

I wish I'd get more surveys from them, if for no other reason than that MySurvey is one of the few sites that rewards you whether you qualify or not: you get 10 points just for trying a survey even if you don't qualify. I think that's great. I'd just really like more survey opportunities.

"Worth Trying out"
by Nicole from US
I have been a member of this website for over a year and I have yet to reach payout. I am currently 500 points. The points you receive for each survey can be pretty low so it will take awhile to reach payout. Also, there are a few questions you have to answer before you are able to qualify for the studies but you still will receive a small amount of points for just trying to qualify for the study. As for the actual surveys I find them to be fun and interesting and not extremely time consuming. The surveys are based off of the personal information you submit during the registration process so be sure to be honest about what you complete so you can be selected for a survey that is right for you. Otherwise, I do not have any complaints about this website. This website will not make you rich but if you are looking for something to do in your spare time you and earn a little pocket change, you may want to check out this website.

"My Survey Good Site"
by KE from US
My Survey is a site that has been around for several years. I have belonged to them about two years and have been paid by them at least three or four times. I like this site because they send frequent surveys and they are usually about household products, things that everyone uses. This is a good site. The only complaint I have about them is that they pay by check instead of PayPal. They once lost one of my checks, so that was frustrating trying to get it replaced. My survey also has a messenger program that will automatically notify you when you have a survey waiting. Overall I would highly recommend this particular survey site.

"Another Great Free Survey Site"
by Diane from US
I have been a member of this survey site for over ten years now. I get plenty of surveys. You don't need to qualify for them when they are sent to you. You will earn points which are converted to cash and prizes. I love this site. I have earned hundreds of dollars from this site. They have a referral program, but you have to be careful not to spam with it or your account will get deleted. They pay by check and you get it within two weeks. You have to have points that total ten bucks before you can ask for a check. Oh and also while taking a survey if they find you are really qualified they may ask you to continue on with the survey for more points, which remember can be converted to cash and prizes. I highly recommend MySurvey to everyone!