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We give the Ipsos i-Say Online Panel a A+ and definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to join a survey site to make extra money in their spare time. Ipsos is a well-established, reputable company that works with over 5,000 clients worldwide, and so we like that you can feel confident in i-Say's integrity and reliability when doing business with them. i-Say is actually one of our favorite online survey sites because we think it runs one of the most fun and engaging panels that we've been a part of. We've also been much more impressed with the volume (and payouts) of the survey opportunities we've received from i-Say.

Industry Presence

Part of Ipsos North America, i-Say is an online survey website that compensates its members for providing their opinions on a wide variety of products and services. While it isn't affiliated with the BBB, Ipsos itself is registered with top global market research organizations like Greenbook, Casro, ESOMAR, MRA, and MRIA. Since it was founded in 1975, Ipsos has become one of the largest survey-based market research companies in the world with around 9,000 employees working from offices in more than 60 countries. Ipsos is comprised of 6 global brands including Ipsos ASI (The Advertising Research Specialists), Ipsos Marketing (The Innovation and Brand Research Specialists), Ipsos MediaCT (The Media, Content and Technology Research Specialists), Ipsos Public Affairs (The Social Research and Corporate Reputation Specialists), Ipsos Loyalty (The Customer and Employee Research Specialists), and Ipsos Observer (The Survey Management, Data Collection and Delivery Specialists). As a whole, Ipsos works with about 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries and conducts about 20 million interviews a year on their behalf. These interviews are guided by the research specialists in each of their six core competencies and are structured using online and offline research methodologies, including online panels (like i-Say), telephone, in-person and mobile outreach.

Member Experience

i-Say membership is free, and it only takes about 3 minutes to complete the initial registration process and verify your email address. When registering, you will be asked to provide your contact information, as well as your gender, date of birth, marital status, education level and race. You will also be asked about the members of your household and your household's total yearly income.

Earning Opportunities

Members primarily earn rewards for participating in online quantitative surveys, but i-Say also occasionally offers more in-depth projects like in-home product tests. While survey length and compensation will vary, most surveys we've received have been about 15 – 20 minutes long for around 45 – 90 points.

Rewards Program

Ipsos compensates its i-Say members using a points system and with entries into sweepstakes giveaways. The points system is very straightforward and is set up so that 1,000 points is equivalent to $10. In terms of sweepstakes, i-Say has a quarterly drawing for $5,000, and they also have a Monthly Click Draw where they give away 56 different prizes (ex. iPads, Tumi luggage, Ferragamo wallets, etc.). As long as you remain an active member of the i-Say panel (and the points program remains in effect), your points will never expire. If you cancel your membership (or it is terminated) however, you only have 45 days to redeem your points before your account is closed completely.

Ipsos Reviews

November 17, 2016 by Lori from US
Ipsos has easy surveys that are easy to navigate!

"Typically Many Opportunities "
November 15, 2016 by Bert from US
Ipsos typically has a great amount of surveys available for varying reward points that can be turned into cash. Always a variety of topics. Email survey reminders are sent often. Sometimes you will get a few minutes into a survey and then be exited as the group already will have mets its quota so that is extremely frustrating. In the surveys you will often times have to submit data that should already be documented which is also frustrating and time consuming. Payout process is quick and easy.

November 14, 2016 by Jazherah from US
At least this one sends me a survey now and then. But they didn't start sending me any until they stopped paying cash! I joined back when they still paid cash and never got one survey until they stopped!

"Earn Rewards Fast"
October 7, 2016 by Sharon from US
Ipsos has interesting surveys as well as opportunities to try products at home. You can earn rewards fast.

"Ipsos Review"
October 4, 2016 by Harren from US
Ipsos I-say is a pretty good site to take surveys from, but not too recommendable, in my opinion. For a few minutes to about a half-hour of your time, I-say awards you with 45 or 90 points upon survey completion; screening out earns you only 5 points.

Reasons why I'd recommend Ipsos I-say:

1. Compensation whether or not you complete the survey: A likeable feature of I-say, but nothing I haven't seen before on other survey sites, like E-Rewards; you get compensated even if the survey isn't completed.

2. Good rewards lineup: Your Ipsos I-say points can be redeemed for a sweepstakes entry to a getaway at an exotic area, or gift cards of varying denominations. The points can also be redeemed for charity events through them.

Reasons why I wouldn't recommend Ipsos I-say:

1. Frequent screenouts: More often than not, I screen out of surveys. Don't know whether I'm just unlucky, or this applies to a majority of Ipsos I-say survey takers, but screening out too often is really discouraging, even if you're compensated for your time.

2. Repetitive questions: I-say saves some information from the profile you create, so that you don't have to give answers to particular questions. However, they're fond of asking the same questions at the beginning of their surveys, and they have to be answered, every single time in the same manner. Examples of these questions are your zip code, number of people at your residence, and the occupations you and the other people in your residence hold.

In conclusion, great rewards await those with the mental fortitude to endure, but I am just not one of them. Still, that doesn't make it any less of a survey site worth your time, but you'll want to have patience in Fort Knox's worth of reserves.

"Multiple Survey Opportunities but very long surveys"
October 3, 2016 by Heidi from US
Ipsos has more survey opportunities than many survey websites, but the surveys load very slowly, are very, very long and detailed, and sometimes don't give you credit (except for 5 points) even after you've completed a lengthy, eye-numbing survey. I find myself dreading Ipsos surveys because they contain long lists of questions crammed onto one page. It can be very tiring. Rewards are available through Paypal (yay), gift cards, etc. It takes a long time to get credit for surveys taken.

"Definitively one of the better online survey sites"
by Christoph from US
I-Say is definitively one of the better online survey sites. I am a member for over 4 years now and never had any problem with the surveys or payments. For cash out I used check and PayPal and both worked fine.

Unfortunately, i-Say reduced their incentives per survey lately. They used to pay at least 150 points for each survey (15-30 min length) and 5 points, if you don't qualify. Now they also have surveys for just 50-100 points (same length as their 150 points surveys) and they give you just a sweepstakes ticket if you don't qualify for the survey. However, the whole industry lowered their incentives and i-Say is therefore still one of the better paying survey sites.

"One of my Favorite survey sites"
by Linda from US
One of my favorites because you do actually get paid, which I have promptly received money several times. They are very good at responding if you have a problem. I especially think the poll predictor game is an added challenge to see how close you can guess and then rewarded with points toward prizes. Their surveys are not overly long as some others are.

"Excellent site"
by Irena from US
I-say is one excellent survey site. I'm a member like 1 year and never had a problem with payout. They pay me via paypal. Only thing that I don't like is that you need more or less time for collecting your points so you can cashout. But everything else is great and for me it is one of the best survey sites that I'm a member of.

"Give it a shot"
by Terry from US
Of course you will not make a lot of money taking surveys and they can be time consuming too. But if you have free time this site works very well and it does pay you cash with your points and you can enter to win different sweepstakes. This is a simple site which is a good thing for beginners.

"Good for extra cash"
by Jacob from US
This program is based around the survey scam today. What they do is take your phone number and say to all the phone networks if we send them this msg each week each time it costs 5 dollars, so it is hard to complete these surveys. But if you find a way around it, like get a survey text plan, you can complete these and make a good sum of money.

"It's ok, nothing more"
by Michael from US
There is no problem with payouts - that means it's not a scam. Ok, but the money.. you will not make a lot of money, they don't pay too much. That's why I don't fill out their surveys anymore. There are a few sites which give you bigger earnings.

"I-say is a Good Site"
by Lessie from US
I joined i-say October 2014 and usually get several emails daily for available surveys. There are days when I access the surveys and those are no longer available. In December 2014 I agreed to complete a month long diary based on my responses to a previous survey. I really enjoyed the diary and was awarded a reasonable amount of points.

The only drawback to this site is the surveys are lengthy and the questions are too redundant. At this time I have not redeemed my points although I've gone over 1000 points. I must say I do enjoy the Poll Predictor games which award you 5 points for each play, and depending on how many points you've earned from playing you can use those points to enter into the contest for up to four prizes. Personally, I would recommend this site to anyone who has the time and enjoys completing surveys.