Global Test Market - A Rewarding Experience

Global Test Market - A Rewarding Experience

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Global Test Market - A Rewarding Experience

GlobalTestMarket is an online survey website that pays members of its community to participate in consumer market research studies on a wide variety of products or services.

Industry Presence

GlobalTestMarket is operated by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), which merged with BBB-accredited Lightspeed Research in 2011 and became part of Kantar, the information, insight, and consultancy division of the leading communications services group WPP. Originally founded in 1999, GMI built an impressive panel in the years leading up to their acquisition. Alongside Lightspeed, they have been able to create one of the largest online panel and sample providers in the world with over four million panelists across 49 different countries. GMI itself is also highly regarded among industry associations such as,, and the MRA.

Member Experience

Joining GlobalTestMarket's panel is free, and it only takes about 5 minutes to complete the basic registration process. During registration, GlobalTestMarket will collect your contact information, as well as background information related to your gender, age, race, marital status, country of birth, education level, languages spoken, sexual orientation, children, grocery shopping habits and household income. Once you have verified your email address, you will also be prompted to fill out nine additional profiling surveys, which gather more in-depth information about your background and are designed to help the GlobalTestMarket team better match qualified panelists to available survey opportunities. The profile topics include Household, Employment, Travel, Vehicle, Medical, Technology, Financial, Purchases and Interests. It takes about an hour to complete all 10 Profiles, but you will receive 30 entries into the quarterly sweepstakes for each one that you finish. All of the Profiles are then stored on the home page of the members' area, so you can make edits to them as necessary. There is no minimum time commitment required to be a member of GlobalTestMarket's panel, but you do have to be active on the site at least once a year to retain your MarketPoints. Lastly, please note that you must be at least 14 years of age and live in one of GMI's 49 supported countries to be eligible to participate and membership is limited to one per household.

Earning Opportunities

Members can earn rewards by participating in online quantitative surveys that average about 20 minutes to complete. You can expect to receive about 85 – 90 opportunities a month, and compensation will vary depending on the length and urgency of a particular survey. Average payout per survey is around 35 MarketPoints or 30 sweepstakes entries. When you screen out of a survey, you will still receive 10 sweepstakes entries. You can also receive 20 MarketPoints for referring a friend to join the panel.

Rewards Program

GlobalTestMarket compensates survey participants with entries into quarterly sweepstakes and with a rewards points system known as MarketPoints. The quarterly sweepstakes giveaways include 1 prize equaling 10,000 MarketPoints, 2 prizes equaling 5,000 MarketPoints, and 100 prizes equaling 200 MarketPoints. 230 MarketPoints equals about $10.


Global Test Market - A Rewarding Experience Reviews

"Many surveys to take"
October 4, 2016 by serena from US
I must confess this panel has many surveys and very high chance to qualify.

So far I have yet to cash out so I am not sure about that process yet.

"Good site...many earning opportunities"
October 2, 2016 by David from US
There are always surveys available and there are many choices for prize redemption. The one negative I would say is you don't know the time involved or the points available if you are choosing surveys from the site. In the email invites they tell you, but if you just log in to take surveys you are going blind.

"Great Pay!"
October 1, 2016 by Kayla from US
I spent a few months taking surveys whenever I could and earned an average of 30 points per completed survey. The only down side is that you have to have a minimum of 1000 points in your cart when you cash out and it's near impossible to add up to exactly 1000, so it's better to get around 1200. That is what I did for my first cash out, and I got $45 in my paypal account. It's a good site, easy to get the points, and good pay.

"This site is worth it"
by Kristen from US
I've been a member of Global Test Market for less than 2 months, and I already have 445 (about $22) market points. The surveys can sometimes be long and boring, but good when you have time to waste. Survey invitations are often and I qualify about 90% of the time. It's too bad that max I've gotten for a survey is 50 points, though.

"Super Site!"
by Jamie from US
I enjoy being a member of Global Test Market. I've been a member for a short time but with the amount of surveys they send, it has not taken me very long to see my points start growing. I like that they frequently tell you how long the survey is going to be. I don't mind doing a lot of surveys as long as I can see the benefit from it.

"A good site if you like surveys"
by Carla from US
I've been a member of Global Test Market for a while and haven't had any problems at all with them. Probably the worst thing about them to me is that you have to wait until you hit $50 to cash out. When I first started with them, I was a little apprehensive about that. I was afraid I might be wasting a lot of time with something that wasn't going to pay. When I got my first payout I was very relieved to discover that they do pay out.

I qualify for roughly 80% of the surveys they send me. It's nice that even if I don't qualify, though, I still get paid a few cents.

I'm really bad about checking my email and doing the surveys as often as I should, which means I've missed out on several. The surveys fill up fast, and it seems like lately they are filling up even faster still. I'm working on checking for surveys more often, though, and I'm sure that will help me earn cash outs even faster.

"You would hardly get through the surveys"
by Sumit from US
I was very excited when I was awarded 50 bonus points after subscribing to Global Test Market Surveys. I thought it would be fun earning money while giving surveys. But I was disappointed to see that I could hardly get any surveys. It would be a maximum of one survey per week.

Moreover, after answering a few questions in the survey, I was denied to give the rest of the survey making me ineligible for getting the credit.

I haven't had much luck earning real money through these surveys.

"One of the best survey sites out there.."
by Louis from US
I personally joined a little while back and in roughly the first month or so I made $24! Which, for a survey company is fantastic. Even better is the fact that although I didn't get all the surveys at once, I spent maybe 10-15 minutes at most for all of them to make that. What's even better as other's have already stated is that every time I do a survey, I get rewarded, even if I don't qualify for it! Most if not all the other survey sites don't do this! However, waiting for a check takes forever, but that's no different then any other survey company! Fantastic site for those in the US looking for a little extra cash a month or every other month.

"Awesome site"
by heidi from US
Global Test Market is an awesome site. It's easy to use. The company sends emails to you and you complete the surveys. They send out how many points you have with each email you receive so you know when you are eligible for your payout. It may take some time to reach pay out, but the site is reliable and will mail you a check in a reasonable amount of time. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple way to pick up some cash.

"A legit site, but did not really qualify for a lot of surveys"
by Kavita from US
This site is great if you get a lot of surveys coming your way, but I think with my demographics, and the fact I was a college student made it harder for me to do more surveys that I would have liked. The site is not a scam, so that is something definitely not to be worried about.

It's great for some, but not so great for others. My experience with it is so so because the lack of amount of surveys I was given.

"Consistent and reliable"
by Renita from US
I have been a member of Global Test Market for several years now. At first I was hesitant because so many sites that award points take forever to reach a payout level. It often seemed like I would get quite a few surveys for awhile, and then the surveys would quit being offered and I could never reach payout. With Global Test Market, that has never been an issue. They have consistently paid and paid quite well. They have also always sent payment in a timely manner.

I do suggest that you periodically make sure your profile questions are complete and up to date in order to receive surveys for which you will qualify. In addition, do not rush through the surveys. Take your time to fully read the questions before responding as they do have some means of knowing if you are answering too quickly, which will disqualify you from completing them.

"A good survey site"
by Cao from US
I have been with Global Test Market over three years and it is a pretty good survey site. I could get 3 surveys each week and have gotten 5 payments by check from GTM on time. Even though you do not finish the survey successfully, you can still earn 5 points. Each survey is worth $1 to $5. GTM is free to join and you can get survey invites by e-mails often.

"Better than other survey sites"
by Jawed from US
I have been a member of global test market for about 10 months now and I have yet to reach the payout. However the thing that cheers me up is that the site is legit and paying unlike other survey sites that have turned scam. As I said it's only a matter of time, perhaps a couple of weeks before I obtain the required points and reach the $50 payout.

The site provides some 6-8 surveys each week out of which I am eligible for 2-3. They do pay you some money even though you are ineligible for some surveys. This is where I like the site. I must admit that it's been a long time and they could have done with a payout of less amount. Overall I would say try this site if you have patience and be assured that you will reap the benefits because it is a legit site.

"Good choice for a survey site"
by Jennifer from US
I have been a member of Global Test Market for several months . While I haven't yet reached the $50 payout, I have been working hard on the surveys! They send you several surveys each day through your email. I feel like I've gotten a pretty good amount of surveys and have qualified for them, compared to some other sites.

It's definitely one of those sites that feels worth it. You feel like you're truly earning your money and not getting skimped.

"Good payout, hard to qualify"
by Sheila from US
I have been a member of Global Test Panel for a number of years now. I have had a moderate amount of success earning some money with their surveys. Their payout level is $50, which comes in the form of a check about 4 weeks after you request it. You need to earn 1000 points to reach payout. Sometimes, I qualify for just about every survey they send me, yet other times, it seems like I will go weeks without actually getting to take a survey. I did reach payout in July and I am halfway to the next payout, so this has been a pretty good two months with them. Who knows how long it will last. I do like that they normally give you 5 points for trying to qualify, unlike many sites who will get you to almost the end of the survey and then say you don't qualify. This site is good for some pocket money here and there.

"Very good survey site!"
by Joe from US
Global Test Market is one of the higher quality survey sites right now. I get about 4-6 survey invites per week from them and their payouts are very quick. Their surveys actually pay unlike other sites which scam you or have bad surveys which tend to not reward the takers. If you enjoy taking surveys and want to earn a bit of extra money monthly then you may want to try out Global Test Market.

"Too slow to get points"
by Mihaela from US
I have been a member of Global Test Market for more than 2 months now. I got only 300 market points so far. As you know the threshold is 1000. I have long way to go to redeem those points. I receive surveys rarely and sometimes I do not qualify for them. To cash out those points is probably going to take forever. For that reason I give this site a just OK mark. They are still paying cash at some point right? Not like others that give you sweepstakes entrance. I am a member of better survey sites that do not take that long to get points or to reach the cash out threshold. What's with the point system anyway? Can't they just put price on that surveys you are taking?! This is just a personal thought...