SurveyScout has discovered that one or more individuals are posing as SurveyScout employees or representatives and are contacting people via telephone and/or via US Mail with what appears to be a survey opportunity.  These people are not associated with SurveyScout and appears to be a scam.


Here are some of the letters we were able to obtain about this "offer" as delivered via US Mail


The following documentation was received by a potential victim who was wise enough to realize it was a scam and reported it to us:


Thank you for choosing to participate in our opinion for cash secret shopper survey program. You are required to provide us by fax, a brief report about the service you were provided at your local WAL-MART store location. This report should be in your own words and voice your honest opinion about the service. our current survey campaign is on wal mart. We, at, have been appointed to deliver the opinion of the consumers about a new payment service offered at you local walmart called MoneyGram. The objective of this survey is to measure the level of customer service being rendered at the store.

Survey scenario:
To gather a detailed opinion report about the service you will pose as a customer sending a MoneyGram payment to Diane Brown, a relative of yours who resides at 234 John Street, Quebec City Quebec Canada. This name and address information has been made up for the purpose of this survey only.

Enclosed with this letter is a sum of $2980 for the completion of this survey and your pay. You are required to deduct your participation payment of $200 from this amount. MoneyGram will charge a service fee of about $80 for this transaction. This should also be deducted from your balance your balance of $2780 leaving you with a sum of $2700 for the survey assignment.

Upon successful completion, please call us toll free at (418) 261-2358 ext 201 to provide the reference number for the survey. This will be located on the receipt provided to you at the store.

If after completion of this survey, you would like to participate in other on going campaigns in you area, please feel free to contact the campaign coordinator at ext. 203 to schedule ahead.

Turn your opinion to cash. It counts!

Yours truly,
Michael Andrews Campaign Coordinator


P.O BOX 2405 NEW YORK, NY 10040 Tel: 1-(519)-774-1835 Fax: 1-(519)-488-1117
November 9th, 2007

Dear **** ******
Representative ID : 1776

With reference to your recent job search with Consumer Survey Specialists you indicated that you were interested in an additional income on a part time basis, CONGRATULATIONS, you have been selected to participate in a paid Consumer Research Program in your area of residence as a "Survey Scout" for this year's festive season. As one of the Survey Scouts selected under this program, you will be a Consumer Service Evaluator of the selected merchant outlets and service providers. Please be informed that there is one two-fold probational training assignment that you are required to complete as soon as possible. The aim of this training assignment is for you to know the practical feel of what consumer service evaluation entails. After this training assignment, your salary will be increased to .00 per week the first three months (3), and additional increase to .00 per week after six months of working for S.S.P.

If you accept this job offer, you will carry out your probational training assignment in two different locations. The first evaluation will take place at any MONEY GRAM location.

The objective of this assignment will be to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a payment system called MoneyGram where you will pose as a potential customer sending money to a relative of yours George (YOUR LAST NAME) in Montreal ,Quebec, Canada. After sending the money please fill in your market response form (Pge 2) in detail and fax to us.

When you have completed the first assignment your can proceed with the second assignment.The second evaluation will take place in anyone of these locations- HOME DEPOT, GAP, JC PENNY, WAL¬MART, K MART and SEARS, where you will spend $200.00 while evaluating their consumer service.After completion of this assignment please fill in your second market response form(Pge 3).

The funds needed to complete the assignments have been supplied in form of a check and below is the breakdown of the funds.Merchandise acquired in the second assignment is for you to keep.

This offer expires on the 30th of November 2007

1. Probation training pay $ 300.00
2. Required fund to be transferred $ 4,260.00
3. Service charges $ 200.00
4. Funds needed for shopping $ 200.00
Total $ 4,960.00

For verification of assignment completion, please fax your Market Response forms to 1(519) 488-1117 and also call Accounts Manager on 1(519) 774-1835 for any questions. Sincerely,

Gesh Liam-Research Coordinater


The following information was provided by a potential victim who was wise enough to realize it was a scam and reported it to us:

The check this particular recipient received was for $3929.21.  It has a red Yahoo logo on it and uses one of Yahoo's actual addresses.

The main letter is from Baseline Consumer Research Group.  If you call any of the phone numbers from the letter, they are no longer in use and the other says the voice mail is full.  All the forms have the logos on them.

The address on the envelope is a Canadian address and was mailed from Canada.

If you receive any of these letters, DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY AND DO NOT CASH ANY CHECKS.  The check being provided appears to be a bogus check and will not only bounce, but you will incur fees from your bank.

If you are contacted by phone by someone claiming to be from SurveyScout, again, please report this to us as we do not contact existing or potential members by telephone.  We've had reports of people being notified they have won a trip to Florida from someone claiming to be from SurveyScout.

Please report any information you have about this scam to us at our Help Desk so these people can be stopped.

If you have already incurred a loss from this, please contact your local authorities for assistance.

Thank you,
The SurveyScout Team

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